Cruz and Paul supporters should vote for Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle

Ted Cruz has not endorsed Donald Trump. Rand Paul has said he will support the nominee, but is practically ignoring him on the campaign trail. Both Senators have encouraged people to vote their conscience. In other words, they aren’t demanding their supporters get behind The Donald.

It goes without question that Hillary Clinton will never be an option for constitutional conservatives. But for most of us, Donald Trump is unconscionable too, for reasons we don’t need to get into.

Normally, the Libertarian Party nominee would represent a solid third choice for disaffected voters. But Gary Johnson and his VP pick, William Weld, are really moderates with a tendency to pander to the left. As protest candidates go, they don’t represent principles worth voting for.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein can be easily dismissed.

That leaves Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party nominee. His platform is straightforward: the Constitution must be upheld, ALL human life must be protected, the Federal Reserve must be abolished, and national sovereignty must be defended.

If you care about voting based on principle, Cruz/Paul supporters, Darrell Castle is the obvious choice. He is also a fundamentally decent person. I know he will get my vote and I hope he gets yours.

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