Small Business Lead Generation – Why Affiliates Are Popular Among Small Businesses

Pay Per Call Advertising is a type of online marketing strategy that has been around for quite some time. It was introduced back in 1985 by Larry Crabb, who wrote a book about the “rise and fall” of this type of advertising. The main idea behind Pay Per Call Advertising is to create a product or service that can be helpful or interesting, and then contact viewers with information about it. Most of the time, the advertiser pays an affiliate or salesperson who will call viewers on their behalf.

Pay Per Call Advertising is often used as a tracking system, where advertisers can see which ads are working to increase the overall effectiveness of their campaign. Typically, pay per call advertising works best when an individual is looking to make only one or two sales. In this case, the advertiser can control the cost per call. If multiple sales are happening, then a single representative call might be more effective than numerous individual calls. Advertisers also have the option of tracking their advertising with caller ID and sales performance, so that they can adjust their marketing expenses as necessary.

With many businesses, cost per call advertising is used to find out what campaigns are costing them the most, and helps them determine if they are spending too much money. For example, a travel company might find that its TV and radio ads are not compelling enough to draw potential customers. To determine how much their advertising is costing them per sale, the company would track the number of potential customers who called into the company’s hotline during different times of the day. The more calls an affiliate calls, the higher the cost per sale is likely to be. However, if an affiliate spends a certain amount of time calling each potential customer, and doesn’t actually sell anything, then the cost per sale is lessened.

Another reason why many small businesses use pay per call advertising is that it’s easy to track the success of a campaign. Using software designed for this purpose, marketers can determine which ads are working, which ones aren’t, and which telephone numbers are calling most frequently. Knowing which ads work gives marketers immediate direction. Because the campaign is running, however, it’s hard to make any changes without more research and analysis. This is another reason why many companies choose to pay an outside party to manage their pay per call marketing campaigns.

Another reason why affiliate marketing is popular among small businesses is that there are usually very few if any overhead costs to take care of. Many affiliates make their money on a commission basis, meaning that each sale they make is directly deposited into their account. Affiliates don’t need to pay for phone calls or office space, and they don’t have to hire customer service representatives or stock representatives. With some programs, marketers only need to register as affiliates, create a profile, and select which products and services they want to promote.

Finally, advertisers looking for an edge in their pay per call advertising campaigns should take a look at the lead generation aspect of the activity. The number of potential customers or clients that an affiliate is able to reach using this form of lead generation is amazing. A reputable online source for lead generation services will typically feature a wide range of tools for tracking and measuring performance. If an advertiser wants the most accurate estimates, these services will provide contact information for hundreds of thousands of lead generators, including popular sites such as Google AdWords and Facebook. To get the best bang for their marketing buck, advertisers should do business with a service that offers accurate tracking and measuring so they can maximize the potential benefits from their advertising dollar.

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