Review of the Electric Company, in Season 3 – #1

Have you seen the new TV series, “The Electric Company“? If not, you’re in for a treat! Electric Company is the latest addition to the long list of primetime programming on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). Created by Sesame Street’s famous Kermit The Frog, Electric Company follows the everyday (and not-so-day-everyday) adventures of a family living in New York City. From the daycare that welcomes baby Electric to the fun-filled adventures of Peter, Dean, Big, Ernie, Mike adults, this series is a hilarious spin on the old “PBS Children’s Show.”

What makes Electric Company so special is its ability to tackle issues like clean air, fossil fuels, green energy, global warming, immigration reform, and domestic violence. It is a hilarious fantasy that borders on reality. In each episode, an array of colorful characters such as: Kermit the Frog, his sidekick, Squigward, Dora the Explorer, Mr. Teeth, and Miss Piggy sit down for a sing-along, listen to an informational segment, play a game, discuss a social message, or engage in a character-based chat. In each episode, the audience gets a chance to interact with these characters, which makes watching the show a wonderfully enjoyable experience. In addition, unlike many of the other children’s TV shows that are currently airing, there is no direct violence or language, which is both rare and refreshing on an animated television program.

The first episode of Electric Company is aptly titled “Election Day.” After viewing the first episode I was hooked – not only did the animation captivate me, but the show’s topical relevance kept me laughing throughout. It’s always great to have a show that can make you laugh, and this one does a fantastic job at it. In the opening seconds we see that President Grover has been re-elected, but before he can officially take over the Oval Office, he needs to complete his term with a special ceremony. As is typical of any animated sitcom, the first episode is focused on the political intrigue surrounding the presidential transition. The whole setup is funny, engaging, and built around a handful of hilarious characters.

Muppet Babies was not on my list of shows to begin with, but I’m glad I added Electric Company to my regular viewing list. It’s very funny, clean, and has a wonderful sense of humor. If I were going to recommend a new show to a friend, then I would consider this one right up there with the best. It’s not just a “big bird on a typewriter” concept, but a sketch comedy that use the everyday objects as a vehicle to tell an amusing story. Characters include: Kermit the Frog, the Big Bird, Squigward, Mr. Incredible (one of my favorite characters), and the entire Muppet cast.

If you’re looking for something with a little better production value or if you want to see a show that doesn’t require too much time on your schedule, then I highly recommend the Electric Company boxed set. It’s available on Amazon Instant Video and it includes all 10 episodes. If you don’t have a copy of the Electric Company boxed set in your home yet (and let me hope that you do because I’d buy it in a heartbeat), you can order your episodes on iTunes right now. If you enjoy the show and the movie (or the series), you’ll find it to be a worthy addition to your entertainment arsenal.

This is one of the few shows that I can say is consistently funny throughout all three seasons. Even when the seasons change, the writing remains impeccable. My favorite elements of the show are the characters (especially the infinite companion characters), the storyline, and the humor. The humor is subtle and consistent, but not lazy like some sitcoms or animation. The Electric Company has created a niche in television that most people haven’t explored yet, so go out and get the boxed set today!

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